Fast, lightweight
Cloud Build toolbox
for PlayCanvas, Phaser, Pixie.js
and more.

Discover your benefits

Game Studios

Gain access to a powerful cloud toolbox for rapid PlayCanvas game development.

Project managers

Get insights into the current state of all projects, even without the need of a paid PlayCanvas seat.

QA Testers

Deploy directly to any device by simply scanning a QR code or preview a project directly in any browser.


Easily access your product at early stages and give feedback.


  • Easy builds: Conveniently generate builds with one click.
  • Automate processes: Set up auto builds (nightly builds) and have a new build from your main branch ready in a given time interval.
  • Restrict access: Set all of your builds to public or private. Or do it individually for each build - it's up to you!
  • Mobile testing: A QR code is generated, so you can test the build on your mobile device without typing the URL.
  • Sharing: Builds get automatically uploaded to a server and are easily shareable (e.g. with your customer).
  • App splitting: Split builds to allow asset loading from cross-origin URLs and external CDNs.
  • Semantic versioning: The version number gets automatically incremented and is displayed next to the build. Easily track bugs and feedback and associate them with the correct build version.
  • Pin engines: Pin your PlayCanvas engine version from your previous builds to guarantee a longer lifecycle of your projects.
  • Logging: Throw errors or warnings at build time, e.g. when you have whitespaces in your asset names.
  • File size overview: Hunt down the biggest files in your build.
  • Actions: For instance, automatically add the “viewport-fit=cover” meta tag to your index.html, so your game gets displayed fullscreen on iOS devices.
  • Files: Add and inject custom files into your builds.
  • Webhooks: Add Webhooks and trigger external services after your build has finished (e.g. upload to AWS S3, trigger team notifications, etc.).
  • Branches: Choose which branch to build from.
  • Scenes: Add or remove scenes per build if needed.
  • Settings: Change settings (e.g. Use fingerprinting YES/NO) per build. Also custom fields with primitive values are supported and can be accessed at runtime.
  • Loading screen wizard: Dynamically edit and preview your custom loading screen. Easy configuration, no coding skills required!
  • User management: Add multiple users via E-Mail address and set different collaboration permissions.
  • Auto deletion: Old builds can be automatically deleted, to free up server space.

What people say

Blitz:Build is a true timesaver for us!
Both developers and managers have an automated build process that deploys directly to web and mobile. The tool enabled us to create versions for reviews and iterate our game in a very short amount of time.
We develop all of our games in PlayCanvas and Blitz:Build has been incredibly helpful
in streamlining our game deployment process. Before that, I would have to manually deal with our game's zip files every time I wanted to publish an update to a game, but now deploying a new build is just one button click - saving me many many hours.
The semantic versioning of builds has proven to be super helpful, especially for feedback and bug reports.
Sharing builds via Blitz:Build is super handy for project managers and clients! No need for dedicated PlayCanvas accounts anymore. And QA just loves the QR code for testing games super fast
across various different devices.
Christoph M., Redox Interactive


Blitz:Build is free for all team members of your organization. If the trial period has expired, we only charge your organization for further usage of our services and servers.
All plans come with a free, 30-day premium trial of this toolbox — no credit card required.
If you decide to use Blitz:Build in the future, simply contact our Support via email.
Basically nothing! Your existing builds are kept, alongside with your organization's members.
You will just not be able to add new projects or members. To save us server space, we have to prevent new builds until you decide to help us out with a humble fee.
Currently we offer customized pricing - individually tailored to your needs.
Drop us an email here to get in touch with us.
At the moment the only language we operate in is English. As Blitz:Build grows, new languages will be added as needed.
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